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Below is feedback from a few of our wonderful patients!

Excellent Experience!

Best. Orthodontist. Ever. One of the things I loved about this office is that the whole staff happens to be female which gives it a slightly maternal atmosphere. Plus coming in for my appointments was never an inconvenience because they worked around my schedule and I was able to get in, out, and on my way as soon as I could (but not before stopping at their drink station to make myself a cup of coffee or hot cocoa!). The whole experience was pleasant from beginning to end and I would recommend ND Orthodontics to anyone who has kids, is a kid, has a busy schedule, or has teeth.

Friendly, Warm, Honest…

Great environment overall. Not only do all assistants and receptionist treat you like family, but Dr. Darvish strives to give you an excellent smile. So happy with my choice of getting treatment there, and extremely happy with the results.

Best In The Area

ND Orthodontics is the best in the area!! They have taken great care to make my smile go from trashy to classy! I have recommended many friends to Dr. Darvish as well as my own family members. Their staff is awesome! I am so glad I went to ND Orthodontics! Time and money well spent! Thanks ND Ortho!!

Nice And Friendly Every Visit

I have two daughters here at ND orthodontics and I am so glad! They not only are fabulous in their knowledge of orthodontics, but are so nice and friendly every visit! Myself and my daughters loved the entire staff and orthodontist! I would recommend this office to anyone!

My Kids Love This Orthodontist

Wonderful! My kids loved coming to the orthodontic office. Dr Darvish did a great job of communicating the plan and then followed through beautifully. The staff was wonderful to all of us. Highly recommended!

Finish Line 2010‎‎

ND Orthodontics is a wonderful place to have children and adults alike come for treatment. Dr. Darvish and all of her staff have jumped through hoops to make this a fantastic experience for my 14yr old daughter. As a parent it is so heartwarming to see a smile that lights up the room a little brighter now with confidence her teeth are now where they are supposed to be.‎

Great Experience‎‎

The last two years at ND have been a pleasure, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The one time there was an emergency Dr. Darvish was quick to return the call and get [my daughter] in as soon as possible.‎


Dear Dr. Darvish – Thank you for being a great orthodontist and your compassion for others. Thank you for everything you have done for my family!

Terrific outcome for special needs son‎‎

I have been bringing my 2 sons here for the last couple of years. I have a 15 year old son with Down syndrome. Previous to Dr. Darvish, we saw 2 other orthodontists. One of them doubted seriously whether or not he (or any other orthodontist) could treat him. He did not think my son could handle it. It was also clear that this doctor could not handle my son. So, I was a bit skeptical about any doctor being able to treat him. Well, he just completed his braces procedure and is now wearing retainers. He has done FANTASTIC and Dr. Darvish is also FANTASTIC–very patient, thorough, kind, and understanding with the challenges we face. We could not be happier! Now our next son (typically developing) is wearing braces and I am confident we will have similar, excellent outcomes.‎

No more twisted teeth!‎‎

What a fabulous experience! Dr. Darvish and her staff go out of their way to make the orthodontic process pleasant and enjoyable! They think of the small things and want to make sure the outcome of treatment is lasting and successful. We would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting orthodontic treatment. Their upbeat attitude and fun contests (not to mention coffee) always make you leave the office with a smile, braces or no braces. Thanks again for helping both my boys have the best smile possible.‎

Building a confident smile for a…‎‎

I am in my thirties and decided to finally fix my ortho issues. A friend of mine recommended me Dr. Darvish and took the step. I had speed braces for a year and eight months. Dr. Darvish’s office is probably the friendliest dental/medical office I ever been in the US. Dr. Darvish did a GREAT job getting my front teeth straight and fixing my cross bite. Technically Dr. Darvish is extremely competent but she is also very customer oriented, listening to my concerns and helping me decide the course of action I would be more comfortable with. The staff is the best, one of the technicians speaks Spanish and that made my experience even more enjoyable. Everybody is always in good mood and every time I looked forward to meeting them.‎

Short, but amazing progress(:‎‎

I had speed braces, it took only about a year and a half. And I’m sure it would have taken even less, but they had to be patient and wait for my teeth to come in. They were extremely nice and very welcoming. They had great hospitality and were friendly always answering any questions I had. If I had to choose an orthodontist for anyone, it would definitely be Dr. Darvish.‎

Smiling big these days!‎‎

My 8 year old daughter has the most beautiful smile! After an eight month treatment plan which included a palate expander and then braces, we are both thrilled with the care she received at ND Orthodontics. From day one, every appointment has been a great experience (including a quick visit when the arch wire broke over Christmas). Dr. Darvish and her staff are warm, welcoming, and friendly. I highly recommend their office to anyone (children or adults) in need of orthodontic care! Thank you!!!‎

Excellent Experience for Orthodontics‎‎

We live in Mill Creek and have had a fantastic experience with our daughter’s orthodontics. She is 14 and now has the prettiest smile ever! From the front office staff to the doctor everything was done to perfection. We would truly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a positive experience with orthodontics. I will recommend this practice to all parents that I see on the soccer fields of Snohomish County.‎

The Best Orthodontist‎‎

So I got my braces off today and my teeth look awesome! I had the best experience here at ND Orthodontics, the people are great here. They are always upbeat and very into getting your teeth the way you want and look the best. I would recommend ND Orthodontics to anyone needing braces. They try to get you in and out of your braces as quickly as they can, I got mine on in June 2008 and just got them off today 2/8/10. Thanks again to the wonderful staff!‎

5 star!!! ‎‎

I want to thank everyone at ND orthodontics for the amazing job on my teeth, I have a perfect smile now which I am very happy about. I would definitely recommend ND orthodontics not only because the amazing job they did on my teeth but because of the atmosphere, every time you walk in you are greeted by smiles. They are also very flexible with your schedule and they are gentle with your teeth. Thanks again!!!!‎

From [Patient’s Name] to Dr. Awesome‎‎

Thank you for an amazing work. The quality and effectiveness of your expertise represent the eminence of your education at Harvard University and experience acquired throughout your years of practice. I honestly doubt that another Orthodontist could have done what you did in only 18 months. Thank you again and congratulations for having such an excellent office and staff members. P.S. I recommend Dr. Darvish with absolutely no reservations‎

My Young Child’s Experience‎‎

This is our first experience with Orthodontic care and it could not have been any better for me as the mom or for my son who was 7 when we started this. The staff has been so kind and Dr. Darvish is so gentle with my son, they treat you like your family and make the whole experience nice. If you are looking for an orthodontist I would recommend ND. You won’t find a better or nicer place to go. Thanks team we sure appreciate all of you!!‎

A Good Orthodontist!‎‎

I was very happy with the orthodontic care that I received! At first Dr. Darvish told me it would take 2 years, but i got my braces off sooner than that! The staff here is very friendly and helpful! I would tell anyone to go to ND orthodontics for their orthodontic treatment! Thank you very much. Good job‎.

A Big Thanks‎‎

What can I say! I saw my son’s smile and it was amazing. Looking at past photos, the changes are astounding. My thanks to Dr. Darvish and her staff. Without them, we would not have the smile that I see on my son’s face. Everyone has been wonderful to work with; flexible, caring, and always friendly. Great Job!!‎


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